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In furtherance of our mission to encourage a high order of ethical and professional attainment, NEFPA, through affiliation with the National Association of Legal Assistants, offers avenues for any paralegal desiring to achieve national certification.


The CLA or CP credential is now widely recognized in the legal industry as being associated with paralegals who are competent and ethical.  Certification is not required; however, simply stated, it is becoming the standard by which all potential paralegal candidates are being evaluated.



To obtain the CLA/CP credential, you must take a certification exam.  To be eligible to take the exam, you must meet NALA's criteria - click here.  

Once your Certified Paralegal application has been approved you are one step closer to becoming a NALA CP! Please take a moment to review the information listed below before you take the exam.


  • Candidate MUST first pass the Knowledge exam before proceeding to the Skills exam.
  • Once applications for the Certified Paralegal examination have been approved, candidates will have 365 days from the approval date to sit for the Knowledge Exam.  If the candidate does not take the Knowledge Exam within 365 days of the initial approval date, the application will be voided and a new application and nonrefundable fee will be required.
  • Candidates MUST wait 90 days before re-taking the Knowledge Exam.
  • Candidate MUST pass the Knowledge Exam within the first three attempts and are barred from taking the exam again for 365 days if they do not pass within the first 3 attempts.


  • Candidates who pass the Knowledge Exam are then eligible to take the Skills Exam and MUST complete the Skills Exam within the next 365 days after receiving notice of eligibility from NALA.
  • Candidates MUST wait at least 2 weeks after passing the Knowledge Exam before receiving eligibility to take the Skills Exam.
  • Candidates MUST wait 90 days, or for the next available testing window, before re-taking the Skills Exam. 
  • Candidates who fail to pass the Skills Exam within the first 3 attempts within 365 days must start over by re-taking the Knowledge Exam.

Exam Fees

  • First-time candidates
    • Nonrefundable examination fee of $250 for NALA members, $275 for nonmembers.
  • Retake candidates
    • Nonrefundable attempt fee of $60 per subsequent attempt for the Knowledge Exam.
    • Nonrefundable attempt fee of $60 per subsequent attempt for the Skills Exam.  Candidates must be tested on general legal concepts, including the American Legal System and Legal Research, as well as specific legal topics as chosen by the candidate.  Historically, the exam was a two-day, sit-down exam; however, in 2010, NALA began testing electronically at designated testing centers.  The benefit of the “testing window” gives the candidate the freedom to choose when he or she desires to be tested.  In other words, instead of cramming all subjects in over the course of two days, the testing can be spread out over four separate weekends, or however the candidate decides based upon his or her preparation.



For more information regarding the CLA/CP Exam Review Courses, please contact the NEFPA NALA Liaison at


Florida is a state the offers registration for paralegals, and is currently administered through the Florida BarAssociation.  Like Certification, Registration is not required in Florida, but is slowly becoming a standard for employment of paralegals throughout the state. 

In order to apply for Registration, you must meet thefollowing requirements:

(1) Certification, and proof of current employment by a lawyer licensed by the Florida Bar Association; or

(2) Education and experience, as attested to by number of employers necessary to fulfill the experience requirement; and, proof of current employment by a lawyer licensed by the Florida Bar Association. 

Click HERE to download and complete the application.



The Paralegal Association of Florida offers certification in additional to national certification, specific to the State ofFlorida, and is administered through the Paralegal Association of Florida, Inc.  The three-hour exam, administered two times per year through the Certifying Board of PAF, Inc., is limited to Florida law.  Successful completion of the exam authorizes the paralegal to use the “FCP” credential with his or her CP or ACP credential.

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